Monday, August 31, 2020

baze.djunkiii Charts 09/2k20

01. BNKRGBY ft. Riko Dan - W.O.R.K. [NSX Records 007]
What a combo. Producers Bunker and Rigby team up under their conjunctional BNKRGBY disguise to cater a raw banging, slightly oldskool'ish Grime riddim with a proper crimescene / gangster vibe which is lyrically murdered by long standing Grime MC and self-proclaimed London city warlord Riko Dan for an audience that has been into Grime since day dot whereas "British" on the flipside sees Luciferian on microphone duties with a slightly more playful and social criticism-oriented approach. Instant classic. Instant murkage.

02. Low End Activist ft. Flowdan - Game Theory [Seagrave Records 080]
Quite a massive 2x12" vinyl seven track double pack, this. Going deep into the darkest, heaviest and industrial-infused terrains of apocalyptic Grime the title track "Game Theory" is a large scale primetime banger in its own right and so are the rest of the instrumemtal bass music riddims featured on this quasi album which kinda evokes memories of early Virus Syndicate productions as well as heavier labels like Tectonic for those in the know whilst cuts like "19STR8BK" explore the borderlands of Dark Garage and Sublow. Check.

03. Mr. Oizo feat. Romero Elvis - Pharmacist [Ed Banger Records / Because Music]
Whatever it is Mr. Oizo and his pharmacist friends are on these days I want some of that, too. A totally over the top 10" on limited neon-green'ish vinyl which is partly a re-lick of his alltime classic "Flat Beat", partly Skweee and partly BlogHouse / NuRave with highly twisted vocals and weird, sudden tempo changes to fully confuse dancefloors and raving crowds. Go check.

04. Nine-Tails - Nine-Tails EP [Yozmaz Productions 007]
More quality UK Techno on one of our favorite Techno labels these days. Playful, melodic, yet still pumping, complex and informed by what  once was called Intelligent Techno all fourtracks on this 12" single provide pure pleasure for the advanced and seasoned DJ who's still aware of a time when tunes to have individual signature qualities and personality instead of being referred to as just another same-samey tool in non-evolving, ever so interconvertible generic DJ sets. More of this, please - specially when it comes to the deep, melodic (Neo)Trance anthem that is "Un-belo-ved" and the massive groove monster of a "City Fox".

05. Hainbach - Light Splitting [Seil Records 020]
Listen to the album here

06. Basic Rhythm - Cha / Drifting Clouds [Raw Basics 002]
Basic Rhythm really embarks on a journey into fully fledged sonic diversity these days. After several Grime and somewhat Post-UK Hardcore releases the two tracks on this 12" reveal a totally different angle of the producers musical work, aiming for a deep, skeletal fusion of dry (Broken) Minimal / Intelligent Techno and echoes of echoes of bass music which is about to sit well with a limited, yet musically highly advanced audience.

07. Various Artists - Bondage Games Part 6 [Bondage Music 054]
So this is a surprise. Having dismissed the majority of Bondage Music releases as too generic and uninspired in terms of TechHouse tracks which can be found by a dime a dozen alloverthe place this four track various artists compilation 12" is catering things on a slightly different level with producers Markus Homm, Andre Kronert a.k.a. Knowone, Pornbugs and Dust Yard focusing on a deeper, undeniably DubTechno-influenced approach to the genre and therefore provide proper functional and well recommended DJ tools for extended DubTechno sessions on turquoise blue'ish vinyl.

08. Donna Maya - Lost Spaces -> Detroit [Sound Sister Records 001]
See review for details....

09. Strom | Morts - Coronal Mass [Midira Records 086]
See review for details....

10. TLC - Creep / Waterfalls [Be With Records]
Seeing this featured in my charts might come as a surprise for some but TLC's "Waterfalls" is a true RNB classic without a doubt which has been stuck in my brain a gazillion times ever since it was originally released back in 1995. So that's more than one good reason to cop this 2k20 anniversary re-issue on 7" vinyl as a well welcome addition to my collection.


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