Friday, September 04, 2020

Sheriffs Of Nothingness - An Autumn Night At The Crooked Forest, Four Fireplaces (In Reality Only One) [Sofa Music]

Released via Norway's ever active Sofa Music label is the absurdly titled "An Autumn Night At The Crooked Forest, Four Fireplaces (In Reality Only One)", the new, nearly 70 minutes spanning four track album outing created by the duo known as the Sheriffs Of Nothingness - better known as Kari Rønnekleiv and Ole-Henrik Moe to their friends and respective families. With their fourth album for the imprint the string duo once again indulges in the sounds and possibilities of violin and viola as their instruments of choice to sonically deal with the meta-connectedness of humans and fireplaces, even dedicating two of the four cuts on this longplayer to a certain kind of wood to feed the fire and recording alongside a crackling fireplace for another layer of atmosphere. This said, the Sheriffs Of Nothingness are opening the ride on a well intense, droning, nervously quivering tip with the 17 minutes spanning "Hearth, Red Gloom, With Lot Of Near-IR" which is a somewhat unsettling and outerworldly affair indeed whilst "Muted Birch-Logs" provide fast, and still nervous, bow movements of ever changing intensity comparable to a swarm of small insects starting to buzz only to settly down a bit later until the cycle starts over again. Furthermore the "Great Spruce-Log" follows a similar, yet more processed and off kilter route with an emphasis on distinct, shrieking polyrhythms and icy chiming before "Under-Ash-Embers, With Hints Of Green Light In Spectrum" are fusing the sounds of buzzing swarms of deadly miniature metal drones blown over from afar with actual fireplace crackles and frosty ColdAmbient atmospheres for an excellent finish and our personal favorite on this one.

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