Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Lemur + Reinhold Friedl - Alloy [Sofa Music]

Just released on September 4th, 2k20 via the Norwegian staple that is Sofa Music is "Alloy", the first result of a collaboration of the Norwegian quartet Lemur and piano player / composer Reinhold Friedl who's known and praised both for his solo works as well as his ever active Zeitkratzer ensemble. With the seven pieces of  "Component I - VII" spread out over the course of 47 minutes we see the combined forces of these artists exceed any known formal and technical restrictions of their instruments in favor of an explorative journey into a usually multi-layered, oftentimes shrieking and partly cacophonic sonic realm that can only roughly be described as Ultra FreeJazz occasionally paired with what seem to be electronic textures and atmospheres alongside Reinhold Friedl's specific take on deeply felt piano melancholia which is especially prevalent in the more solemn, inward-looking "Component III" whilst "Component V" seems to go for a deeper, droning and atmospheric approach with a well unsettling, somewhat UnAmbient-leaning twist steering towards and building up to a highly dramatic climax just to pick two cuts off of this really intense and somewhat unusual release for the imprint.

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