Monday, September 28, 2020

Marianne Baudouin Lie - Atlantis, Utopia & Ulvedrømmer [Particular Recordings 032]

Released as a 2CD set via Particular Recordings these days is Marianne Baudouin Lie's new album named "Atlantis, Utopia & Ulvedrømmer", a project of slightly (Neo)Classical / Contemporary Classical nature in which the Norwegian composer explores the realm of commissioned works for solo cello and vocals, more specifically her own voice, which is a rather unusual approach for a solo performer. CD1 features a showcase of pieces by Ellen Lindquist, Eirik Hegdal, Stine Sørlie and Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratke brought to life by Marianne Baudouin Lie in a tender, most touching manner even though compositions like "Many Thousands Gone" are incorporating highly abstract sequences alongside ancient, rural and naturalistic parts, emotionally harking back to the simpler days of yore whereas the four parts of "Concertine Per Violoncello Et Voice" go for a full on classical, slightly ethereal approach, the "Atlantis Lamento" weighs in a minimalist, tense overall feel created by strings, multi-layered female whispers and plucked strings alongside respiratory noises and an otherworldly, shiver-inducing atmosphere before "To F" rounds things off on a droning, ever spiralling and later dramatically cascading level for a highly dynamic closing. Furthermore CD2 is fully occupied by Lene Grager's "Ulvedrømmer" and aptly subtitled 'A One Woman Musical' as we see Marianne Baudouin Lie provide everything a musical needs within the short time span of approx. 28 minutes - starting with an uplifting, dance-oriented instrumental take, drifting into dreamlike sequences, (Neo)Classical elegies accompanied by somewhat TripHop'esque beat structures, nocturnal drama and madness, inner monologues paired with what seem to be echoes of Field Recordings of cabaret shows, inward looking melancholia and sadness and finally, most finally, a silver lining at the horizon. Interesting and touching, even though we don't speak Norwegian at all and therefore cannot full grasp or connect with the story told, ofc.

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