Thursday, September 24, 2020

Andreas Davids - Zehn [AD | D.I.Y. 001]

Fresh on the circuit as a highly limited physical edition spread only by the artist himself to a selected circle of people is Andreas David's "Zehn", a double CDr compilation rounding off a series of ten - hence the title - digital Bandcamp-only releases issued over the course of an entire year as a conceptually driven series. Opening with the deep, well hazy Ambient meets dubbed out Electronica / ChillOut structures of "Awakening" we see the German producer paving the way for nearly 120 minutes of electronic beauty defined by time-dissolving, yet advanced dancefloor friendly after-after-after-party cuts like "Architect Of Dreams", glacial, droning synth movements first to be found in the aptly named "Ice", percussive, yet somewhat sino-ritualistic uptempo IDM / Braindance tunes like "Am Abend", surprisingly dreamy and romantic Piano vs. Electronica compositions like "Gipfel" as well as Contemporary Classical elegies in "Sehnsucht", intriguing and curious reverse structures in "Traumlos" and more examples of quality, timeless, spatial and masterly sculpted Electronica that should be a part of many a well maintained music collection for a reason. Quite an emotional and tender outing for the man known to employ the darkest, most brutal techniques when manufacturing highly efficient Industrial / EBM / HardTechno weaponry under the name of Xotox. Ace.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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