Friday, September 25, 2020

Twinkle³ - Minor Planets [Marionette 014]

Put on the circuit via Marionette on September 18th, 2k20 is "Minor Planets", the latest in a trilogy of spaced themed albums released by Twinkle³ - a, well..., trio comprised of Richard Scott, David Ross and Clive Bell - since 2009. Taking on the subject with an array of rather leftfield instruments not many even deeply entrenched in electronic music might have heard of including shakuhachi, pi saw, drosscillator and cosmic bow alongside others Twinkle³ cater a well friendly, playful and curious vibe from the get go, touching on Electronica and beautiful ChillOut as well as on Synth / (Neo)Cosmic paired with various layers of traditional acoustic instruments which provide an additional level of pure, untouched naturalism in deep, touching cuts like "Soma 2815" or even resemble the work of classic Synth pioneers - think: Walter / Wendy Carlos - in the intro of "Abnoba 456" before taking a swampy path of somewhat Jazz-infused, free-floating, yet twisted Electronica improvisations whilst going on full on naturalism / mystical vs. short whitenoise bursts and ever morphing low-end modulations on "Kalliope 22" just to name a few. Good stuff, this.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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