Friday, October 02, 2020

Lukas Lauermann - I N [Col Legno]

Released via the experimental-leaning Col Legno imprint on September 18th, 2k20 is "I N", the second full length solo album ever created by cellist and composer Lukas Lauermann who's name might be familiar to some of our readers via collaborations with acts like Soap & Skin or Tocotronic amongst others. Naturally based on and built around the cello as his chosen instrument Lauermann presents a total of 21 pieces subsumed in several corresponding groups on this longplay piece, exceeding its natural range through electronic alterations and reprocessing, building a fascinating, yet melodic and accessible bridge between electronics and Modern Classical / Contemporary Classical composition which results in intriguing pieces like the highly dynamic, cascading and light-hearted (Neo)Classical "Finite Distinct", inward-looking tender melancholia shared between cello and piano in "Lusion / Existence" and "Here", calmly floating Ambient structures in "Dividuality / To Be", moving elegies in "Press / Consequence" as well as charming chiming micro-melodies in "Nocent" which, located towards the very end, seemingly turns out to be our most favorite piece on this well beautiful body of work. Check.

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