Monday, October 12, 2020

Schmo - Spring Story [Flau 082 Promo]

Put on the circuit via Japanese imprint Flau on September 18th, 2k20 is "Spring Story", the latest album release by Perth / Australia-based composer Harry Hohnen a.k.a. Schmo who is covering loads of experimental ground with 15 new tracks rolled out over the course of roughly 50 minutes total playtime. Describing his working process with words like 'practical' and 'tinkering' each tune featured on this album is a result of honest musical craftmanship and versatility, be it the beautiful Ambient pads meet Tribal rhythm signatures in the opening cut "Bring Flowers", the tender, folksy and full on naturalistic Indietronica flow of the subsequent "Overflow" or the Old Time Jazz-looping loop collage of "Gambit", the large scale cinematic Score Ambient of "Pears" and the sad and mourning Jazz Noir vibes found in "Black Rook In Rainy Weather" just to name a few. A most playful and friendly collection of musical works which is fully cohesive even though we feel all these tracks are the result of single, unrelated sonic tinkerings and weren't composed with an entire album in mind.


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