Sunday, October 11, 2020

Tomoko Sauvage - Fischgeist [Bohemian Drips 013 Promo]

To be released on October 16th, 2k20 via Bohemian Drips is "Fischgeist", the latest album by Paris-based Japanese experimental sound artist Tomoko Sauvage who recorded her new five tracks and 36 minutes spanning sonic exploration in a former multi-chambered water tank in Berlin which provided not only a physically chill environment but also massive on-location reverb for her self-built sound objects and self-invented natural synthesizers. With these instruments - water-filled bowls, porous terracotta pieces and the likes of... - and their partially hydrophonic feedbacks Tomoko Sauvage creates a dark, eerie and ever droning landscape of Cold Ambient meets hyperexperimental Electronica qualities, a crackling and shifting mass of drones, hisses and self-interfering echoes for the lovers of Desolation Ambient, hyperfragmented early Pole works, Bunker Illbient and the haunted, barren post-apocalyptic battlefields of a non-existing sci-fi future alongside stripped down, melancholia-infused pieces of beautifully solemn and reverberating Dark Ambient. Intriguing and well recommended.


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Great sshare

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