Saturday, October 10, 2020

Various Artists - BRÜSK: A Compilation Of Harsh Noises [Grubenwehr Freiburg]

Coming in via mail this week is "BRÜSK: A Compilation Of Harsh Noises" released as an 11 track cassette tape compilation via German underground imprint Grubenwehr Freiburg. Presenting a beautiful black and white DIY attitude in its artwork and therefore evoking memories of the 80s Industrial tape scene as well as many cassette-based (East) German Breakcore / Hardcore / Noize operations of the late 90s and early 2000s we see a wide range of eleven international artists taking on (Harsh)Noize from different angles with the ever active Dr. NoiseM and Flutwacht being the best known of the pack, operating alongside acts like Jugendwerkhof, Der Smogwürger, Bresthaft and many more, grinding, shredding and torturing away over the course of approximately an hour, focusing on ear piercing high frequency feedbacks alongside an ever morphing, twisting and warping maelstrom of most brutal midrange Noize attacks separated by an array of short - and well funny! - dialogue snippets taken from unknown sources, presumably underground movies and home videos, which turn the entire listening experience into your favorite mixtape of the month if you are into braincell crushing underground Noize for not so obvious reasons. Heavy.


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