Friday, January 08, 2021

Karoline Wallace - Stiklinger [Øra Fonogram Promo]

Scheduled for release via Øra Fonogram on January 15th, 2k21 is "Stiklinger", the sophomore longplay effort created by singer and composer Karoline Wallace which she realised alongside a vast array of fellow musicians. Inspired by her grandmothers approach to gardening and collecting plant cuttings, hence the title: "Stiklinger", as a source to enhance the biodiversity of named garden Wallace embarks on a roughly 37 minutes spanning journey through a total of six tracks on this album, fusing an expressive, rhythmic and oftentimes FreeJazz infused approach with childhood and field recordings, creating a dreamlike, somewhat surreal, ever meandering and shifting sonic world which, in combination with Karoline Wallace's wide-ranged vocal performance, evokes pictures of an oftentimes dramatic, sometimes tender - for a lack of a better comparison - Björk throughout her "Post" (think: "Isobel" and "It's Oh So Quiet") / "Homogenic" / "Selmasongs" years if the Icelandic queen of everything had had a background in Jazz as well as 50s/60s movie scores when it comes to collage'esque pieces like "Om Du E 1.60 Høy?" and not gravitated towards electronic music throughout this phase of her career. A really unique and avantgarde-leaning listening experience, this.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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