Monday, January 25, 2021

Refectori - Tundra [Hedonic Reversal Promo]

Scheduled for release on January 29th, 2k21 via the elusive Hedonic Reversal imprint is "Tundra", the latest seven track cassette tape album produced by Xavier Longas under his artistic moniker that is Refectori. Inspired by the frozen "Tundra" biomes of the northern hemisphere Refectori's journey into the realm of more experimental music starts with "Cierzo", a stripped down, yet highly dynamic take on slow moving Dark Electronica backed by angelic choirs, eerie movements and large scale reverbs followed by a claustrophic maelstrom of bass heavy, slow moving sonic masses sporting a quite Industrial-leaning feel in "Quadre" before "Inorganic" goes down a similar route, mixing up the qualities of its predecessors in a more aggressive manner, resulting in some kind of doomed soundtrack for post-apocalyptic warfare. With these tracks setting the tone for things to come we're facing more glacial, humungous and vantablack sonic landscapes in "Sequia" even though there seems to be some evidence of hope or a silver lining at the horizon towards the very end of this tune, "Esdevenir" takes Dark Ambient to a next level in terms of voluminous low end abuse whilst "Inseguretat" focuses on building complex electronic layers around a dry loop somehow involving what seems to be an out-of-tune electric guitar micro-snippet for (dis)harmonic reasons whilst the final track "Tujma" weighs in a cold, yet surprisingly dancefloor'esque take on what might be filed under the flag of Angelic Broken Techno that might even resonate with a Hardcore connaisseurs - think: Taciturne x Fischkopf Hamburg here - for a closing. File under: music for crevices and gargantuan ancient subsurface vaults.


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