Saturday, January 23, 2021

Nihiti - A New Kind Of Weather [Lo Bit Landscapes 012 Promo]

Released via the Lo Bit Landscapes imprint on December 3rd, 2k20 is "A New Kind Of Weather", the latest five track album outing carved out by NYC-based band outfit x project Nihiti. A longplayer influenced and infused by desaster with both the hard hitting pandemic situation playing into the creation as well as the suicide committed by the brother of the bands primary songwriter, two events which made Nihiti's already dark musical approach turn just a little darker. This said, the opening title track perfectly reflects the bleak times of the album production, meandering in between a droning, deep and somewhat Trentemøller'esque PostPunk x DarkFolk x PostWave vibe and ritualistic Shoegaze Metal whereas the subsequent cut "Shudder Into Silence" fully indulges in blurred out guitar feedbacks and eerie electronic atmospheres garnished with snippets of probably live captured radio communication slowly falling together in a well cinematic Synth / (Neo)Cosmic / Berlin School manner before "In The Sands" presents a surprisingly soothing and chill, yet somewhat haunted, slightly twangy and surely Downbeat-informed take to PostRock- / Shoegaze-infused songwriting. Furthermore we see Nihiti transferring Roy Orbison's alltime classic "I Drove All Night" into a tender yet unexpected, low end-heavy Dark Ambient meets quasi Spoken Word piece whilst "The Practice Of Injury" floats like an opaque angelic and transdimensional figurine in a realm of eternal darkness and an unmentioned bonus cut turns out to be an even more ritualistic, psychedelia-heavy and thundering variation of "A New Kind Of Weather" for a closing. Defo an album for isolated late night listening. Check.


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