Friday, January 22, 2021

Various Artists -The Versus Series Vol. 02 [Afflicted In Techno]

The next highly limited lathe cut 12" put out on the circuit via the Afflicted In Techno-imprint is "The Versus Series Vol. 02" which once again sees the German production team Afflicted on double remix duty. The first track the team lays their hands on is Gregor Size's "Cerebral Lapsus" which is revamped and reshaped into a well uplifting uptempo Rave bang0r sporting highly captivating, Breakbeat-informed breakdown sequences and the sweetest little HardTrance-leaning melody we've heard in quite a while whilst the result of Afflicted's remix skills applied to Pulse Part's "Echo Chamber" on the flip is more of a well relentless, spiralling, hard-banging and slightly psychotic Acid stomper for the darkest hours of a night well spent in humungous strobe-lit warehouses. 100% R-A-V-E music.


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