Saturday, February 20, 2021

Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & The Maxx - Live [MNJ Records 002]

A Jazz album. Live recorded at Moldejazz 2018 - a prestigious Jazz festival in which The Maxx was awarded with the Jazz talent award the year prior to this recording. This is what the "Live"album by the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra in conjunction with The Maxx is all about, an album which was released through MNJ Records, the label associated with and run by the Midnorsk Jazz Senter, on November 27th, 2k20. According to the liner notes in the accompanying release / promo / sheet The Maxx are deeply entrenched in developing their music throughout endless jam sessions, a method well proven within the Jazz world and beyond and one that's defo reflected in this 44 minutes spanning recording session which opens on a deep, melodic and well groove-focused and slightly late night-leaning level with the extended "Jazzballaden" yet soon drifts off into complex multilayered realms of improvisation, progresses into Orchestral FreeJazz at times whilst employing captivating AfroBeat techniques at others, providing the listener and audiences with dramatic, highly captivating sequences and even takes on Americana vibes with the well surprising interlude that is "Hysterion". A full freestyle fest for every true Jazz fan out there.


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