Saturday, March 06, 2021

Pauline Anna Strom - Angel Tears In Sunlight [RVNG Intl. Promo]

Put out on the circuit only recently on February 19th, 2k21 via the great RVNG Intl. imprint is "Angel Tears In Sunlight", the new album by pioneering composer Pauline Anna Strom which contains her first new musical works being released since the 80s. Still working on the same equipment located in the same flat she's always been working in Pauline Anna Strom carves and sculpts a menu of 10 tracks stretched out over a total playtime roughly 46 minutes, diving deep into a beautiful, unique and somewhat slightly esoteric Synth / Ambient / ChillOut realm from the very first seconds of the crystalline, time-dissolving opener "Tropical Convergence" onwards, provides heavenly, well uplifting morphings for formal dances of the far future with the most beautiful, emotionally touching follow up that is "Marking Time" and explores tender, score'esque, panoramic Ambient Synth layers for moments of ultimate relaxation in "I Still Hope". Furthermore the subsequent stroll through "Temple Gardens At Midnight" sees the artist closely examining tiniest sonic droplets and cute, yet abstract synth emulations of bird songs in the all embracing, comforting darkness of the night whilst weighing in echoes of echoes of somehow Asiatic sound aesthetics, "The Pulsation" introduces, well..., pulsating Tribal drums to Pauline Anna Strom's sonic universe whereas "The Eighteen Beautiful Memories" are harking back to most beautiful early morning Ambient for the few calm minutes before sunrise and an "Equatorial Sunrise" is equally playful, curious and rhythmic, providing a sweet little tune for tiny IDM-leaning dances in ChillOut areas around the world. Watching "Small Reptiles On The Forest Floor" Pauline Anna Strom works out the meaning of subaquatic, slowly moving streams of transdimensional, angelic energy, the "Tropical Rainforest" further explores the musical ecosystem laid out by its predecessor and the final bonus track that is "Words In Motion" has fully embraces floating, somewhat mythical Ambient rhythm signatures in combination with chimes, bells and other brittle, crystalline sound sources to the max for a tender and friendly closing. Excellent. Recommended. Beauteous.


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