Monday, March 01, 2021

Pas Musique - Psychedelic Talismans [Alrealon Musique Promo]

Released via the experimental and highly eclectic imprint that is Alrealon Musique on February 20th, 2k21 is "Psychedelic Talismans", the latest six tracks and roughly 32 minutes spanning album outing created by Pas Musique, at this point an artistic solo iteration and brainchild of the projects founder Rober L. Pepper. Embarking on a rather trippy and explorative journey with "Splash Of Red Touch" we're drawn into an ever meandering flow of drugged out, well psychedelia-infused temple music of sorts which potentially could've been created throughout one of the most esoterically enlightened moments of the KrautRock / Berlin School era whilst the subsequent cut "Collected Fictions Brightly" is pairing fast paced, yet somewhat pulsing and aimlessly wandering hollow drum modulations with wafting synth clouds, droning vintage atmospheres and washed out fragments of what might've been Field Recordings of random casual conversations to create a dreamlike sonic state before "In Likeness Of Me" veers off into unexplored lands of IDM and ChillOut where swampy low end morphings and inward looking dabblings on electric guitar blown over from afar meet to create a certainly solemn, somewhat ruminant sound foundation for deep state meditation. Furthermore the "ABC Of The Telephone" goes even further in explorations of electric guitar solos, this time in combination with organic, overwhelming and all embracing warm Dub / Crooklyn Dub / Illbient basslines, whirling feedbacks and echoes of a little oriental desert vibe whereas "The Hour" provides the probably cleanest take on stumbling Post-Dubtronica in combination with glittering, retrofuturist synth / modular bubblings on this entire album and "La Bas" weighs in an sweet amalgamation of early 90s Electronica live jams and fuzzed out, reverberating Desert Blues guitars for a closing. Highly intredasting stuff. Check.


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