Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Prins & Simonis - Mothers Of Exit [Z6 Records]

Released on January 29th, 2k21 via Dutch label Z6 Records is "Mothers Of Exit", the first full length album collaboration between Gert-Jan Prins and Lukas Simonis which are fusing their musical arsenal including drums, radio electronics, modular synth, guitar, a well ominous thing called blippo box and more to create a seven tracks and 50 minutes spanning, limited to 200 copies debut under the shared name of Prins & Simonis. Opening on a highly experimental and avantgarde-leaning tip from the get go with a combination of super distorted guitar feedback Noize, brutalist Phonk and a combination of FoundSound, Cut-Up and Plunderphonics collage techniques all to be found in the warped, art-school'esque opener "Numb Lesson Stomp" which paves the way for things to come, be it the stripped down radio static improvisations of the subsequent follow up that is "Stories For The Babyface Ocean", the raw, untamed and ear piercing Metal guitar solos in the title track "Mothers Of Exit" or the doomed Noize meets muffled and subdued background drums apocalypse aptly named "Twilight Out Of Control" which are all interesting pieces providing moments of sonic joy when one has finally adjusted to the albums intent and aesthetics even though the far-far-out nature of these recordings does imply that a limitation to 200 copies worldwide was a well reasonable move. Not for the faint-hearted, though.

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