Friday, April 02, 2021

Andreas Davids - Zwischen Halbschlaf Und Disco [AD | D.I.Y. 002]

Coming in via mail recently and released as the 002 of his very own D.I.Y. label series is "Zwischen Halbschlaf Und Disco", a new limited to 20 copies cassette tape single crafted by Andreas Davids who is also the main man behind the famed Xotox project who explores an astoundingly crisp and crystalline take on well dancefloor friendly and groovy, IDM-induced Intelligent Techno / Ambient House on the A-side whilst the flipside starts on a noisier, somewhat haunted and otherworldly tip before cascading synth melodies are aiming at more Techno-leaning crowds in terms of tempo and atmosphere despite lacking a proper low-end punch. Sweet.

Tape artwork on Instagram!


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