Saturday, April 03, 2021

The D3VI7 - Fluff Boyz In The Hood [Soundkleckse Records 305 Promo]

Released via the German digital imprint Soundkleckse Records on March 23rd, 2k21 is "Fluff Boyz In The Hood", the next high octane outing straight outta the studios of The D3VI7. Opening with the so-called 'Original Mix' of the title track we're facing a heavy, hypnotic and somewhat even Hardcore-infused take on spatial, reverberating Business Techno, the subsequent "Fluff Boyz In The Hood *P.T.B.S. Fluffi Fürn Fuffi Remix" takes us down a faster, crisp and defo Rave-orientied route with its ever busy electrical buzzes, futuristic minimal laser bleeps and tongue-in-cheek Gabba references whereas the concluding remix crafted by HANZZO works crowds to the max with its multilayered, heavily filtered industrial percussion elements, intense, braincell-wrecking midrange synths and brutally marching bassdrums which can be described as being set to full on combat mode for a reason. Violence!


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