Saturday, August 28, 2021

Flukten - Velkommen Hap [Odin Records]

Scheduled for release via Norwegian imprint Odin Records on September 9th, 2k21 is "Velkommen Hap", the very first album outing created by Flukten, a quartet comprised of four members of the countries buzzing Jazz scene who met up and found their creative way out of the covid-19 induced lockdown - starting their sonic venture in March 2020 and finally coming together for a full recording session roughly a year later, wielding and laying down a ten tracks and roughly 43 minutes spanning longplayer as the result of their sonic escapism. Based on sax, guitar, bass and drums the quartet comprised of Hanna Paulsberg, Marius Hirth Klovning, Bardur Reinert Poulsen and Hans Hulbaekmo doesn't even need a millisecond of an intro to immediately embark on wild, fast-paced and untamed journey pairing the raw power of FreeJazz and Improv with masterfully executed interactions and parallel melodic communications, elements of uptempo Swing ("Budeie Boogie") and even echoes of more romantic, beautiful Vintage Jazz bits ("Framsyning"), a stripped down, tender late night communication between mainly guitar and saxophone ("Jonas Og Hvalen"), more playful and frolicking Swing vibes ("Tennis Med Torsten") whereas "Pave Toten Totten" even touches base with positive summer grooves just to name a few cuts to be found on this fully fledged debut.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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