Friday, August 20, 2021

Various Artists - Luft Tunes Vol. 1 [Luft Records Promo]

Another fresh one out on the digital circuit is "Luft Tunes Vol. 1", a five track compilation EP taking a closer look at the artist roster of the, probably relatively fresh, Luft Records imprint. Opening with Fractal Disorder and their cut named "Future" we're presented a raw, stomping and dirty take on slightly monotonous, tool-oriented HardTechno whereas Jose Baher & Bad Omen provide a similar, yet cleaner and still hammering approach to dark, militant Techno in their collaborative effort that is "Bad World". The subsequent "Humming" turns out to be another collaboration, this time by Marco Kallas & Puncher who are bringing forth a busier, uptempo-leaning take on Techno driven by shakers on hyperspeed, futuristic hoover sweeps and an ever growing intensity well suitable for strobe-lit peaktime sets and large scale warehouse raves, our friend P.T.B.S. dabbles with proper Hardcore and highly functional hyperviolence whilst incorporating some classic early 90s Gabba samples for all the real headz which will surely be in for his tune "Bad Kitchen" whilst the final cut, "Death System" by XCV, is unfortunately misisng on our upfront CDr copy of this one. P.T.B.S. wins. Big time.


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