Monday, August 23, 2021

Yellow6 - The Cloud Factory [Sound In Silence 082]

Following up to his 2k20 released album "Silent Streets And Empty Skies" Jon Attwood's Yellow6 project is back on the Greek label Sound In Silence, this time with another longplay outing named "The Cloud Factory". Within ten tracks and a total runtime of 66 minutes the Leicestershire-based artist, who's been an active staple in the local and global Ambient x PostRock scene since the late 90s, drew inspiration from a wide variety of sources to create this album including soundtrack work commissioned by Nick Cave, the Philip Glass inspired school of minimalism as well as the washed out, urban PostGarage / Post Dubstep sound of producers like Burial amongst others. This said, "The Cloud Factory" starts out on a deeply solemn and inward-looking, slightly blues-y even, Ambient Folk tip with "Downhill Fast" to set the path for all things to come like the ruminant subsequent DesertBlues minimalism of "Lake Surfer" or the almost naturalistic campfire vibes of "Mayday" which are fusing tender electronic backings with semi-acoustic guitar goodness to create a most beautiful atmosphere and, from our point of view, one of the main highlights of the album alongside the meandering, nightly PopAmbient x DesertBlues pulses of "Twenty Four" and "Tides", the comforting tenderness of the rainy Sunday afternoon piece "Seven Five" whilst the soft and calming cut "Rain Twins" makes a perfect sonic companion for a hot summers sundown just to name a few. Top tier. Get.

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