Friday, October 15, 2021

Alberto Braida, Silvia Bolognesi & Cristiano Calcagnile - Cats In The Kitchen [We Insist! Records]

Released via We Insist! Records on October 15th, 2k21 is "Cats In The Kitchen", the newest, eight tracks and approx. 41 minutes spanning album conceived by Italian composer and piano player Alberto Braida which was realized and recorded with the help of Silvia Bolognesi on double bass and Cristiano Calcagnile on drums and percussion. Inspired and influenced by a drawing created by his, then way younger, daughter Maddalena the sound and atmosphere of this longplay piece gravitates towards an easy, friendly and playful, probably even classy BarJazz-leaning vibe at first glance, presenting an especially swinging nature in cuts like "La Giostra / Cane E Gatto", yet at further investigation turns out to be more complex and multilayered than it seems, oftentimes providing a copius dialogue between the individual players and their musical approach, resulting in an overall body of work which is both soothing and pleasant to the ear whilst providing an underlying layer of intricacy, skill and sonic richness for the musically trained Jazz connaisseur. If one of these qualities is speaking to you, go and check this one out.

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