Saturday, October 02, 2021

Thomas Köner - Aubrite [Mille Plateaux]

And here we go with another re-issued classic on the freshly revived Mille Plateaux-labels which recently rereleased Thomas Köner's "Aubrite" which originally saw the light of day on the Dutch label Barooni back in 1995. What used to be a five track longplay piece a good 26 years ago is now expanded by two additional versions, covering a playtime of roughly 64 minutes, opening with the trembling low frequency minimalism of "Nuuk" which exists on the brink between audibility and pure physical experience depending on the PA system it's performed on and so does the subsequent, warm and all embracing sub Drone / Minimal Ambient effort that is the title bearing track "Aubrite" which slowly develops into one of Köner's trademark glacial sound sculptures whereas "Grohuk (Day)" perfectly depicts the solemn uniformity of arctic whites which has been a major influence on the artists overall work in this field and "Takla-Makan" present a sequence of growling, earth shaking low frequency pulses alongside ghostly, minimalist Cold Ambient atmospheres. Furthermore "Grohuk (Night)" seem to be even more solemn and ceremonial than its daylight variant, the additional "Nuuk *Version" provides more calm and comforting low end darkness before "Grohuk" waves goodbye in a well scenic, beauteous and almost cinematic Ambient. Deep Listening Music for late night meditations. Get.


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