Sunday, October 03, 2021

Paroxysm - Tendencies / Basalt [self-released Promo]

Coming in via mail recently is "Tendencies / Basalt", the new album release crafted and conceived by Paroxysm which is the musical nom de guerre employed by Werner Dafeldecker and Roy Carroll for their combined sonic ventures. Self-released and put on the circuit on August 21st, 2k21 we the roughy 51 minutes spanning album is split into two extended tracks, both comprised of a combination of electroacoustic media and double bass, with the opening cut that is "Tendencies" exploring a cold, futuristic and somewhat metallic realm structured by compressed, reverberating and or spooky, hollow thuds of not necessarily rhythmic origin as well as minimalist atmospheres and sparse, haunting, desolate string pluckings to create a feel of most isolationism and all covering eternal darkness whereas the subsequent second cut that is "Basalt" provides a warmer, more nightly and comforting take on electroacoustic Ambient darkness, catering an array of longing, streteched out, inward-looking and melancholia-inducing tones sequentially evolving into intense, agitated and somewhat klaxon'esque movements before falling back to its original form, meandering between various scenic iterations and therefore providing an essential, highly recommended example of why the approach of electroacoustic composition never lost its fascination since this specific angle on sonic creation was first explored many many decades ago. Get.


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