Monday, December 13, 2021

Andreas Røysum Ensemble - Fredsfanatisme [Motvind Records]

Put out on the circuit via the Norwegian imprint that is Motvind Records on December 3rd, 2k21 is "Fredsfanatisme", the second full length album by the multi artist collaboration known as Andreas Røysum Ensemble which, amongst many others, includes prolific members like Christian Meeas Svendsen, Hans P. Kjorstad and Signe Emmeluth which might be names well familiar to regular readers of these pages. With their new album the quasi supergroup caters a menu of nine brand new compositions rolled out over the course of roughly 76 minutes, starting from a point of hyperdense, complex and well demanding, lugubrious Spiritual Jazz with the opening tune that is "Til Tell Teigen", stepping forward towards a slightly more swinging, yet ever meandering attitude with "Lalibela" whilst "Sawakura" presents a well unexpected exercise in tender, romantic MinimalJazz meets Deep Listening Music which later sets off into FreeJazz-infused territories whereas "Keine LSD Blues" evokes faint memories of so-called EthioJazz paired with more Contemporary Swing elements just to name a few. One for the advanced Deep Jazz connaisseurs, this, and not necessarily an album you want to start to explore the realms of Jazz with due to its partly overwhelming and deeply intertwined, multi-layered nature.

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