Monday, February 14, 2022

Ava Mendoza - New Spells [Relative Pitch Records / Astral Spirits]

Put out on the circuit as a conjunctional release effort shared in between Relative Pitch Records and Astral Spirits on November 26th, 2k21 is "New Spells", the latest full length album outing created and conceived by Brooklyn-based guitar player x composer Ava Mendoza who's presenting a total of five pieces stretched over roughly 40 minutes on her newest body of work, working her way through meandering labyrinths of electric blues guitar imaginations, sometimes tender and intricate, sometimes twangy and sometimes fiery and heavily distorted, telling extended instrumental tales of hard work, lived lives and long trips into the farthest corners of whichever desert is located close to you at this point in time. Music for endless rides on dusty, dead straight highways cutting through arid landscapes for hundreds of miles on end.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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