Friday, February 18, 2022

Jessica Pavone - When No One Around You Is There But Nowhere To Be Found [Relative Pitch Records]

Released via US-based label Relative Pitch Records on January 28th, 2k22 is "When No One Around You Is There But Nowhere To Be Found", the latest four track album outing conceived by composer x violinist Jessica Pavone. Rolled out over the course of 31 minutes the New Yorker presents a Manhattan-recorded body of work which is starting out on a piercing, droning high- to midrange frequency tip before the opener "Performance Novels" actually turns into an extended piece of yearning, slightly off-kilter ModernClassical avantgarde for those able to take in quite a bit of unnerving intensity whereas the albums title bearing track seems to be stuck in an electronically based processing loop for a while before taking a full on turn towards a folksy, naturalist and probably ancient instrumental narrative. With the subsequent "Only In Dreamz" we see Jessica Pavone dabbling with eerie, otherworldly and multi-layered reprocessings of her very own voice, creating a dreamlike labyrinth of un-reality whilst the concluding piece that is "Aednat" brings forward an attempt to close the albums cycle, once again starting from a piercing, droning and near static perspective before progressing into processed, yet melancholia-inducing trembling (Neo)Classical movents which are meant to resonate with both genre conaisseurs as well as fans and followers of experimental Ambient and ethereal, brittle electro-acoustic composition for a reason. Avantgarde music of a well accessible kind. Check.

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