Sunday, March 20, 2022

Masche - Oxia Chaos [ADN Records]

Put out on the circuit only recently via the long-standing Italian label ADN Records is "Oxia Chaos", the sophomore album by the Masche quartet. Comprised of Valerio Zuccha, Andrea Chiuni, Diego Rosso and Alessandro Cartolari the group combines a sonic arsenal of bass, drums, baritone sax, vocals and electronics to lay down a new body of work spanning a total of four extended compositions and a total playtime of roughly 55 minutes, presenting a well demanding and hard to grasp combination of intense Spoken Word poetry atop a complex, spaced out amalgamation of Post (No)Wave, FreeJazz x Free Improv and an undeniably Industrial-leaning attitude with a certainly desolate and apocalyptic twist, presenting calmer, yet not less demanding structures in the intro of "The Fire Baloons" which later progresses in an almost Morricone'esque fashion, building up a vibrating tension to the max whereas the subsequent cuts "There Will Come Soft Rains" and "Night Meeting" continue to walk on the meandering, complex and ever winding path laid out by their predecessors whilst catering some surprisingly uplifting as well as deep and well nocturnal, sometimes even Jazz Noir-infused sequences along the way. One for a niche audience within the already hyperniche field of Avantgarde Music.

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