Sunday, March 13, 2022

My Hellgren & Peter Söderberg - Plucked And Bowed [Frim Records 002]

Put on the circuit via Frim Records, the newly founded label associated with the long standing Swedish association and concert promoter for improvised music of the same name - FRIM -, on February 25th, 2k22 is "Plucked And Bowed", the one take live recorded album improvisation created by My Hellgren and Peter Söderberg. Employing a sonic arsenal based on cello, theorbo, guitar and oud the two artists provide a meandering, roughly 47 minutes spanning musical journey which came to be as is, without the pair having played together, talked about musical directions or even ever met prior to this encounter of a musical kind. This being said their venture starts out on a tender, tentative tip with their individual instruments and ideas carefully enwinding, yet soon taking on a moody, somewhat brooding form led and guided by low frequency cello movements before venturing off into almost percussive territories only minutes later, drifting further into longing, seductive and outerworldly siren songs, screeching, nerve-wrecking sequences of highly experimental nature and other features that come with what's known to be Improv and Avantgarde music. One for a limited, yet dedicated audience, this.

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