Thursday, March 17, 2022

Sweeney - Stay For The Sorrow [Sound In Silence 088]

Put out on the circuit via Greek Ambient staple Sound In Silence on February 14th, 2k22 is "Stay For The Sorrow", the most recent album outing by Australian composer x producer Jason Sweeney a.k.a. Sweeney, also known to and recognized by many under his other artistic alias that is Panoptique Electrical. Processing and coming to terms with a period of personal drama and loss as well as the overwhelming feelings and emotional flux coming with a situation like this Sweeney is steering away from and well beyond the labels - and probably his own - Ambient-leaning focus, fully immersing himself in a roughly 38 minutes spanning journey into what could be defined as longing, highly emotional and melancholia-infused Leftfield Pop, from pure vocal x piano combinations to dramatic experimental SynthPop elegies like "The Break Up", touching, nocturnal ballad pieces like "Home Song" which could probably even work its way into the late night programming of progressive - a.k.a. explorative - Pop and most definitively college radio whereas songs like the otherworldly, minimalist, yet rhythmically complex "You Will Move On" hark back to Electronica / IDM structures despite being clearly (Leftfield)Pop associated whilst once again providing massive mainstream crossover potential with "Anxiety", a tune that should be used as a theme for a major cinematic love story, just to name a few. A shimmer of light or a comforting sonic blanket for the heartbroken, this album is - depending on how far one's individual journey of healing might have progressed.

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