Tuesday, March 08, 2022

The International Nothing - Just None Of Those Things [Ftarri 215]

Fresh on the Japanese Ftarri label with the CD release set for February 20th, 2k22 and the vinyl version approximately following up in September of this year which perfectly shows the enormous troubles the vinyl production industry is going through these days is "Just None Of These Things", the new album release by clarinet-focused duo The International Nothing. With each player covering only one stereo channel over the course of this roughly 42 minutes spanning one-track composition the duo provides a dense, yet somewhat sparse and minimalistic Deep Listening Music experience, touching base with both Contemporary Jazz experimentalisms as well as highly abstract Modern Classical and Avantgarde whilst also resonating with fans and followers of ElectroAcoustic composition with the cut-off sine tones and microtonal recordings of air flows appearing roughly mid-track, marking a distinct shift in the longplayers dramaturgy and direction. A highly detailed affair this which in its entirety only unfolds over the course of several focused listening sessions. We likey.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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