Thursday, March 03, 2022

Andreas Davids + Sven Phalanx - Space Ambient Pop [Mahorka 295]

Put out on the circuit recently via the Bulgaria-based Mahorka label is "Space Ambient Pop", the latest conjunctional longplay effort thought up by Xotox-mastermind Andreas Davids and Sven Phalanx. Together the two artists present a limited to 80 cassette tape copies body of work spanning a total of six tracks, exploring a musical spectrum from frosty, unsettling and somewhat hostile multi-layered ColdAmbient to outerdimensional synth spheres paired with fragments of radio communication and dark, pulsating electronic rhythms, fascinating IDM x Ambient bits evoking memories of mid-90s The Future Sound Of London ("Sternenstaub") as well as brooding, melancholia-inducing DarkAmbient morphing towards washed out Electronica ("This Is Space-Ambient-Pop") and way beyond into cold atmospheric sci-fi realms. A well intriguing journey, especially for those who used to follow Pete Namlook's FAX +49-69/450464 universe for its all meandering Ambient- / ChillOut-outings in the 90s.


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