Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Architek Percussion - Six Changes [Architek Percussion 001]

Put out on the circuit as cat.no. 001 of their self-titled and self-run label named after the group is "Six Changes", the latest album outing by the Montreal-based quartet known as Architek Percussion. Comprised of Noam Bierstone, Ben Duinker, Ben Reimer and Alessandro Valiante the group caters a total of six sonic explorations rolled out over the course of roughly 33 minutes on their third longplay piece, starting from a point of floating ethereal crystalline melodic minimalisms accompanied by muscular PostRock / Indietronica structures for advanced early morning moshpits in the opening cut before moving on to touching, emotional and well romantic piano etudes and syncopated, complex drum workouts in "Perspective" whereas "When Change Is Bad" presents a warm and somewhat even summery attitude with its intricately layered percussion sequences atop of warm vintage synth basslines. Furthermore the subsequent "Your Definition Of Home Is Dependent On The Constants In Your Life" even dabbles with Future Tribal and Afro x Bass elements riddimwise even though the tunes' main theme is defined by tender, inward-looking and melancholia-inducing pads paired with chiming overtone sections later consumed by overwhelming low end pressure, "Sitting The Next Few Plays Out" indulges in naturalistic, almost folksy athmospheres for warm summer nights whilst the concluding "Dark Horse Fan" goes as deep as most cinematic PostRock can go whilst still being as powerful and epic as it can ever get within this specific genre. Top drawer. A most beautiful album for all fans of everything The Notwist, Tortoise, Weilheim, Morr Music and many a shade in between.

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