Friday, June 10, 2022

Alessandro Baris - Sintesi [Otono Records 021 Promo]

Put out on the circuit on June 7th, 2k22 via the Mexican imprint Otono Records as their 021 is "Sintesi", the six track solo debut release cooked up by Bologna-based Italian-American artist and composer Alessandro Baris. Mainly venturing off into the world of pure electronic production garnished with a few organic elements alongside the drum as his main instrument of choice and reprocessed vocal additions both by Baris' himself as well as collaborating artists like Lee Ranaldo, Emma Nolde and Lisa Papineau Allessandro Baris presents a 27 minutes ride into a world of timelessly floating and overall comforting Ambient polyrhythms from the very first bars of the opener "Unheard" onwards, a tune that takes us way back into beloved ChillOut rooms of 90s rave culture, provides morphing Future Ambient melancholia in the subsequent "Last Letter To Jayne" which somehow perfectly fits into these days of war whereas "Embers" continues on a path of epic score'esque Ambient melancholia paired with emotional vocalisms, yet adds a little more of a Balearic sunset vibe to the mix. Furthermore "All That" weighs in sparse, yet moving IDM / Deep Listening Music of organic, yet somewhat exoplanetary and probably (Neo)Cosmic-infused nature and therefore stands out as our favorite cut on the album before "Nival" brings forth enchanted Fairy Pop of sorts without exactly dabbling with Pop as a genre and the subsequent "Lifetime" amalgamates elements of Classical composition with a deep Synth approach for a closing and might be the one that draws a majority of listeners into this album due to its fascinating, somewhat vintage-leaning and krautsy beauty before evolving into a heavy Leftfield x Alternative Pop cut of sorts, once again sporting a bit of a 90s twist. Go check.


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