Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Alberto Boccardi - Petra [Room40 Promo]

Scheduled for release as a limited cassette tape edition to come via the Australian staple that is Room40 is "Petra", the latest five track longplay work created and conceived by Italian composer x sound artist Alberto Boccardi who presents a 32 minutes lasting journey into sound mostly influenced by Boccardi's five years stint in Egypt's capital city of Cairo where he resided from 2k15 to 2k20. Opening with "Arenaria 1" Boccardi caters beautifully brittle and tender off-world melodies in combination with echoes of Clicks'n'Cuts and warm, organic, all embracing sub waves to create a comforting, yet also abstract ambience which finds even more minimalist continuation in "Arenaria 2" and its stripped down, ever so slightly varying Electronica pulses and nocturnal atmospheric sweeps. The subsequent "La Testa Cade A Piombo" dives even deeper into a realm of solemn Minimal Ambient x Deep Listening Music,"Silice" pairs more hyperminimalism with dramatic, yet washed out chord eruptions and ASMR-like whispers hidden deep within the very background of the overall mix whereas the final cut that is "Una Variopinta Immagine Divisa" brings forth a chiming, and charming..., melodic sequence of well meditative, probably even ritualistic, quality before taking a turn towards deep, slightly swampy, yet highly comforting Ambient structures for a closing. Beautiful and timeless, this.


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