Sunday, July 24, 2022

Kl4ng - Live A Venise [Studio Lab'ut 003 Promo]

Put out on the circuit as 003 of the Studio Lab'Ut series on July 7th, 2k22 is "Live A Venise", the latest album affair thought up and performed by the multi-artist collaboration project that is Kl4ng, in this particular case comprised of and represented by Francoise Kubler, Armand Angster, Yerri-G Hummel and Pablo Valentino. Originally coming from an angle of remixing given experimental source material from a DJ perspective initially Kl4ng has moved forward to what could be described as fully improvisionational terrain with the 13 cuts on this 65 minutes spanning longplayer, pairing experimental Downbeats with elements of Opera, haunted electronics and playful Jazz excursions, going down a touching, yet fully theatrical route with "Carlos", bringing forth a spaced out, tongue-in-cheek attitude in "Le Fou Saxophonisant" which even employs modified, reprocessed scratching techniques within its rich sonic palette whilst drifting off into calm, melancholia-inducing territories with "Cage", drawing further inspiration from raw HipHop b-boy beat culture in "Firmin" whereas "Sing Song" re-introduces us to full on FreeJazz from a faraway retrofuture just to name a few. Quite a unique one, this, which by far defies the vast majority of all genre categories out there.


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