Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Maya Bennardo / Erik Blennow Calälv / Kristofer Svensson - Two Skies [Thanatosis Produktion 017]

Scheduled for release on September 2nd, 2k22 is "Two Skies", the first ever full length album recorded by the trio of Maya Bennardo, Erik Blennow Calälv and Kristofer Svensson on violin, bass clarinet and the Sundanese instrument that is the kacapi respectively. Put out on the circuit via the Swedish label Thanatosis Produktion the album is split in two extended pieces - "Av Hav" and "In Yo" - which clock in at a combined playtime of 56 minutes in total. Opening with "Av Hav" the trio presents an atmospheric, carefully layered amalgamation of most beautiful Post-Postrock, organic Ambient and Deep Listening Music, forming a timeless self-contained sonic entity which floats beyond and above the constraints of regular space and time whilst weighing in an intimate, very close up recorded feel whereas the subsequent "In Yo" follows up on a similar path, yet takes things to an even deeper, more nocturnal and inward looking level and might turn out to become a longtime companion for extended, yet silent late night listening sessions shared with a beloved soul. Highly recommended, this.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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