Monday, August 22, 2022

Parisa Sabet - A Cup Of Sins [Redshift Records]

Scheduled for release via the Canadian imprint Redshift Records on August 26th, 2k22 is "A Cup Of Sins", the latest journey into the realms of Contemporary Composition for Iranian-Canadian composer Parisa Sabet and her first longplay outing ever. Performed by what might be called a small ensemble of artists drawn from the Contemporary Music circuit the eleven pieces, rolled out over the course of six larger movements and a total of 57 minutes playtime, explore a musical field widely to be described as (Neo)Classical x Contemporary Classical with loads of thrilling, yet not hypercliche Eastern influences, with the dramatic opening suite "Shurangiz" being a perfect example of how to merge what seems to be echoes of formal medieval dances with hounded, action-loaden oriental vibes whereas "Dance In Your Blood" with its late night piano lines as a base and foundation for a large scale vocal performances touches base with both Opera and classic Broadway theaters, "Geyrani" offers a most beautiful violin solo workout, oftentimes driving the instruments into its highest register whilst "The Seville Orange Tree" merges frolicking playfulness and intertwined communication between its instruments with echoes of Jazz and bits of what could've been early adventure movie scores in the infancy of cinema and the title track that is "A Cup Of Sins" even evokes memories of the works of former British icon Gilli Smyth just to name a few. Something different, something very out there, yet something thrilling and worthwhile to check out in its entirety. Recommended.

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