Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Alex Zethson - Residy [Thanatosis Produktion 016]

Out on the release circuit via the fast growing and ever expanding Thanatosis Produktion label on August 12th, 2k22 is Alex Zethson's "Residy", the second full length album by the Swedish pianist who's been involved in a plethora of projects besides his solo works throughout the past years and solely runs the Thanatosis Produktion label as a one man operation. Conceptually based on a de- / reconstruction of JS Bach's "Goldberg Variation No. 21" the two parts of "Residy" are rolled out over a little more than 36 minutes in total, providing a calm and contemplative journey into a realm of warm and comforting, yet highly reduced and minimalist Ambient music, an ever moving drone of sorts, flowing peaceful like a small river in an untouched, rural environment at night yet providing dark and ominous textures at times, hints of things unknown hidden in deeper, certainly unexplored subsurface vaults whilst hypersparse and singular additional drum hits, lonley, fading piano tones or somewhat manipulated string tweaks provide an additional layer of subreality to Zethson's otherwise near static, time-dissolving musical approach. If droning tones and living in a washed out, blurred and well fuzzy dreamworld beyond our regular perception of space and its dimensional properties is your jam or you're a seasoned collector of highly intriguing Ambient music this album is a must. Recommended.

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