Friday, September 30, 2022

Pakistan Techno Force & Cement Tea - Nuke Vol. 14 [Nuke The Planet 014 Promo]

Released via the still mysterious digital imprint that is Nuke The Planet as its 014 is "Nuke Vol. 14" , the first ever collaboration tune cooked up by the projects Pakistan Techno Force and Cement Tea. Joining forces in the studio they come up with what seems to be a lo-fi, yet well high speed version of a formerly popular style known as Crossbreed - better recognized and oftentimes referred to as a brutal and highly compressed amalgamation of Drum'n'Bass and Hardcore. Relentless in nature and filled to the brim with characteristic Crossbreed drum patterns "Nuke Vol. 14" certainly meets the structural criteria to live up the genres definition, yet seems to be a little too washed out, noisy and low end-lacking to fully resonate with a peaktime Crossbreed audience but is quite intense anyway.


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