Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Ensemble Personal - Gleitzeit [Umland Records 060]

The Essen-based Umland Records imprint goes full on performance conceptual with their two tracks and roughly 13 minutes spanning new single release put together by the four piece group that is the Ensemble Personal. Originally intended to be used in a video-based hybrid live performance which would allow for the musicians invlvd to enter and open a musical dialogue with recordings of their own prior studio performance the two pieces on this CD release provide a sonic journey even without the context of a live setting with the opening title cut "Gleitzeit" catering a twangy, airy, chill and somewhat light-hearted, yet also Psychedelia-infused Exotica vibe whereas the deeper, nocturnal and certainly more tense "Emojis Zweiundzwanzig" immediately evokes memories of scores to legendary animated series like 'Pink Panther' due to its story telling, yet cheeky and Jazz-leaning nature. Defo a great standalone release on its own even though we're well curious how these cuts would sound when used in the way they were originally intended to.


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