Monday, October 24, 2022

Lukas Lauermann - Interploitation [Col Legno]

Scheduled for release via the decades long standing Col Legno imprint on November 11th, 2k22 is "Interploitation", the third full length solo album effort cooked up by Austrian composer and cello player Lukas Lauermann. Over the course of nine tracks and a total runtime of 35+ minutes Lauermann samples and re-treats pre-existing cello recordings, taken from compositions written for Robert Schabus' big screen documentary named "Alpenland", with various effects pedals and tape manipulation techniques, aiming for a state of sonic deconstruction and re-arrangement which results in a crossover of soothing Am- and sometimes unsettling UnAmbient from the very first cut that named "Fer" onwards, amalgamating hovering pads and dry, partially rhythmic creaking sounds in the most calming follow up that is "Ence" whilst introducing an enchanted, innocent and almost naturalistic vibe in the subsequent "In". Furthermore we see "Ter" emulate the sound of calm, washed out winds blown over from afar, "Ven" gets as scenic and romantic as any Score Ambient piece can get before "Tion" takes us far off into retrofuture with its overall vibe that evokes memories of places like the BBC Radiophonic Workshop which were surely groundbreaking in terms of electronic music production and sound manipulation. With "Ex" Mr. Lauermann caters another slowly meandering stream of widescreen Ambient beauty, "Ploi" pairs more glistening, melodic and glacial harmonies with scintillating glitches and buzzing background oscillations before the final cut named "Ta" taps into granular Cold- x DeathAmbient for a subtly hostile and asphyxiating closing. Defo one to check out, this one. Not only for fully fledged Ambient heads but for everyone with a general interest in textural soundscapes also provided by labels like the Norwegian imprint Sofa Music or the Greek staple that is Sound In Silence.


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