Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Mattie Barbier - Threads [Sofa Music]

Scheduled for release via the Norwegian imprint Sofa Music on October 14th, 2k22 is "Threads", the latest solo album by L.A.-based musician and sonic researcher Mattie Barbier who, over the course of five tracks and a total runtime of roughly 45 minutes, brings forth another longplay release recorded under the influence of the Covid-19 induced lockdown situation. Recorded on location at the The Tank Center For Sonic Arts in Rangley, Colorado at x in an actual, yet repurposed water tank, the sound of Barbier's instruments, trombone and euphonium, provides a dark and droning, well intense and portentous feel from the very first moments of the slowly evolving opener "Untitled I" onwards, progresses into spatial, yearning, yet minimalist and slightly off kilter Ambient x Deep Listening Music with the subsequent "Filter" whereas the "Floating Wave" ascends from the earths deepest and darkest underground vaults only to shake and crumble cities like the ancients horns - or better: klaxons - of Jericho. Furthermore "Untitled III" provides a warm, all embracing take on resonating, soothing and sub-heavy DarkAmbient whilst the closing cut that is "Coda" immediately evokes imaginery memories of french horns used in the vast mountain ranges of the German x Austrian Alps to herald and initiate the forthcoming hunting season. Recommended for a reason, this one.

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