Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Amidea Clotet - Trasluz [Relative Pitch Records]

Put out on the circuit via the NYC-based avantgarde imprint Relative Pitch Records on August 12th, 2k22 is "Trasluz", the latest longplay effort created by Barcelona's self-described improviser and noise maker Amidea Clotet. Setting out to explore the sonic possibilities of electric guitar and various objects over the course of seven pieces rolled out over a total playtime of 43 minutes Amidea Clotet treats - and sometimes torments... - her instrument of choice to achieve a raw, highly improvised and yet extremely detailed sound aesthetic which covers a range from aggressive and partially Noize-related scrapings to clusters of sonic micro-events of unresolved provenance, a few rather naturally plucked and treated strings as well as sequences of creaking and squealing under applied tension and pressure and probably culminates in the anti-climactic ultraminimalism of "El Que No Es Diu", a piece which in parts surely operates at the fringes of audibility but also incorporates an ever present spatial ambient sound and atmosphere which provides a feel of warmth and comfort despite the main sequence of sonic events within this tune gravitates to granular hyperabstraction whereas a piece like "Insula" provokes an unsettling feeling of vantablack darkness and impending doom just to pick two specific cuts for a closer examination. One album for the headstrong, this.

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