Saturday, November 19, 2022

Yellow6 - A Change In The Weather [Sound In Silence 094]

Coming in from the Greek Sound In Silence camp is "A Change In The Weather", the latest, September 26th, 2k22 released nine tracks and 64+ minutes spanning album outing by Leicestershire's Jon Attwood a.k.a. Yellow6 who's been recording these tunes in the first half of 2k22 whilst coping with a new reality of both post-pandemia and probably -brexit as well. The result is a calm, obviously inward-looking and peaceful collection of solo guitar pieces which partially exceed the artists usual field of work within a PostRock-leaning sonic space, especially in the minimalist opener "Clouds Gather" which brings forward a new, probably Blues-infused facet of Yellow6's work whereas pieces like the dreamy, naturalist and slightly twangy "All Lies" drift and meander beautifully, the tender "All At Sea" amalgamates floating Ambient atmospheres and caressing, most romantic acoustic guitar melodies for late night candlelight conversations which finds its continuation in the even more ruminant PopAmbient vibes of "And Around Again" whilst the concluding, slowly cascading "Silverware" provides a warm, relaxing calmness like a hot summers sunday afternoon for a closing just to name a few. A well comforting journey for a cold winter evening, this.


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