Monday, November 07, 2022

Jessica Moss - Galaxy Heart [Constellation Records 168]

Following up to the release of her 2021 album "Phosphenes" Jessica Moss recently returned to Constellation Records with another longplayer, the ten tracks and 45 minutes spanning "Galaxy Heart". Put out on the circuit on October 7th, 2k22 the Montreal-based composer x violin player once again explores and expands her sonic spectrum driven by the pandemic-imposed isolation of past years opening with yearning, distorted and isolationist electric guitars before touching base with slightly off-kilter and folksy - or better: ancient rural - Contemporary Classical arrangements in "Uncanny Being (Violin Study #2)" which are paired with somewhat militant snare rolls buried in the very background of the compositions mix. Furthermore the subsequent cut "This Continuous Spectrum" seems to lean into the Ambient-savvy side of deep and trippy Psychedelic Rock, "Is There Room For All Of It" sees Jessica Moss even utilizinging her voice to bring forward a well hovering variation of hyperminimal Leftfield Folk, the title track "Galaxy Heart" is tapping into spiritual forces channeled by primordial ritualisms before "Light Falls On Every Door" and its successors are falling back to Modern x Contemporary Classical and Avantgarde composition techniques for violin as well as more ritual Folk vibes in "Uncanny Body (Violin Study #1)" and a dramatic vocal performance in "Enduring Oceans" to come full cycle. Recommended.

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