Saturday, March 04, 2023

2020 - 5 [2020 Records Promo]

So here we go with another extended digital album by the mysterious artist x project that is 2020, released on the presumably artist-run imprint 2020 Records under the simple, yet well logical name of "5" on October 7th, 2k22. Over the course of 10 brand new tracks and an approximated total playtime of 100+ minutes 2020 embarks on a journey taking us from the wide and meandering streams of glacial, washed out and slowly developing Ambient beauty of "Find Me" to the nearly overwhelming sonic whiteout of "The Unknown" whilst the low end pulses hidden deep within the mix of "Daylight" seem to be reminiscent of the most Ambient-infused DubTechno ever. "New Forms" introduces a brooding, well alarming moodiness and trembling bass frequencies which come with a shift of attitude away from the comforting blanket of its predecessors whereas "Echo" unfolds as an epic, glistening and near static drone of time-defying qualities before "Gone" serves an intense, mind-melting Cold Ambient atmosphere for a well suitable - and frosty! - closing just to name a few. A most beautiful ride, this is.


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