Sunday, March 19, 2023

King Ayisoba - Work Hard [Glitterbeat Records 134 Promo]

The King returns. All hail the King. And indeed, Ghanaian Kologo master and internationally praised musician King Ayisoba is back with "Work Hard", his second full length album outing on Glitterbeat Records. Released on February 17th, 2k23 and once again in parts co-produced and guided by The Ex' Arnold De Boer a.k.a. Zea "Work Hard" presents a brand new set of nine tracks rolled out over the course of roughly 40 minutes which reveal a slightly different variation to and approach towards King Ayisoba's musical vision which, in a certain way, is departing from the purist traditional ways of his previous albums with this one. Instead King Ayisoba opens up to driving African dance beats from the get go, starting with the opening "Good Things God Knows" which immediately brings heat to any dancefloor whilst "People Talk Too Much" harks back to traditional polyrhythms and chants as well as one of the simple, but well significant messages which are a trademark of King Ayisoba's music in general. Furthermore "Namba Sonne" adds a well seductive flute line to fever'ish Tribal x Kologo drums whilst "Asome" pairs heavy shuffled Afro anti-grooves with lo-fi synth sounds to an interesting effect whereas the final cut that is "Buri Malima" once again harks back to a somewhat fever'ish and primordial vibe just to name a few.


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